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Verbal Communication

Are you able to vocalize your thoughts efficiently? Can you retain information that you hear?

Can you communicate in multiple languages?

Written Communication

Are you able to write your thoughts efficiently? Can you retain information that you read?


Do you have a good sense of numbers? Are you easily able to recognize patterns? Can you easily do basic calculations?


Are you able to keep clutter to a minimum? Can you keep track of lots of different information?

Computer Skills

Can you easily learn to use new programs or applications? Are you able to quickly find necessary files or information? Can you fix minor computer related issues?

Problem Solving

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Are you able to easily identify the cause of a problem?


Do you often take notes or make lists? Do you manage you time efficiently? Are you able to prioritize important tasks?

Attention To Detail

Do you often notice things that other people miss? Are you able to complete a project with few or no mistakes?

Strength & Dexterity

Are you able to lift a moderate amount of weight without any issue? Can you stand or walk for an extended period of time?


Do you work well in a group setting? Are you good at building relationships with others? Are you good at recognizing the skills of others?

Quality Control

Are you good at responding to feedback? Are you able to repeat a task with consistent results?

Vehicle Operation

Are licensed to operate necessary vehicles? Do you consider machine safety a top priority?


Are you able to easily collect information? Do you quickly identify higher priority information?


Do you work well by yourself? Are you able to start tasks without direction? Are you able to continue a task despite distractions?