An apprenticeship is the original 4-year degree and the oldest method of training used to learn a skilled trade. You get to earn while you learn, gaining valuable experience in your chosen occupation. Generally a 3-5 year program with job site and classroom time. In most apprenticeships you can expect to gain ninety percent of your education working on the job. You will learn the rest in a classroom and shop from skilled instructors. Upon graduation, apprentices continue their career completely debt free.

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A progressively increasing wage scale is based on the average journey-level wage rate of the trade you are apprenticing. In general, these increases occur every 1000 hours of on-the–job training you receive, providing you have shown satisfactory progress in both your required classes and on-the-job training. Once you have reached the final 1,000 hours of your apprenticeship, your wage range, depending upon the trade you have chosen, will be between 85 to 90 percent of the journey-level rate.


  • Earning money

  • Starts with a job

  • Debt free option


  • Earning school credit

  • Starts with school

  • Financial aid pays for classes

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